BSNA is proud to showcase our interns who have helped us in various types of roles.

BSNA Interns for 2023-2024:

Nikhil Tiwari

Nikhil Tiwari is a Stoney Creek High School senior in Rochester, MI. He is interested in software development and electrical engineering and wants to pursue a computer science degree. He is also a car/mountain bike enthusiast. His favorite car is a Mustang RTR. Nikhil is helping with the BSNA website development, BSNA YouTube content creation, and exploring new ways to connect with BSNAs membership through the use of artificial intelligence technology.

Rishabh Dubey

Rishabh Dubey is a college freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated from Troy High School in Troy, MI. He is pursuing a computer science degree. Rishabh is working on the BSNAs membership database and redesigning the BSNAs website. Rishabh is also helping BSNA with social media.